YEA Formula to TikTok Success

Show up with your own unique takes on cultural moments.

Lead with authentic content that converts.

Discover and reach the right niche communities for your brand.

Whatever your goal, TikTok’s got you covered

Build a community and drive brand awareness

Use TikTok to let your audience discover your brand’s stroy and engage your programmes/products/services. Nurture your community to be your brand advocates.

Turn prospects into leads with Leads Ads

Identify and educate potential customers about your product/service by sharing an ebook/guide, or generating registrations for product launches, promos or open houses.

Find new customers and increase sales

Reach your most engaged audience and share unique product features, customer reviews, coupons and offers to boots your sales online or offline.

Retarget and sell to existing customers

Use custom audiences, to target your existing customers and showcase new products they might be interested in. Or create lookalike audiences to find more audiences that are similar to your audiences.

What we do

We're a Tiktok agency in Malaysia & Singapore that helps brand achieve real cut consistently through Tiktok

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through TikTok?

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Content Creation & Production

Scroll-Stopping Content That Converts

TikTok is a platform driven by authenticity, meaning that the key to creating content on TikTok is less promotional and more candid, conversational, and authentic. As seasoned creators and TikTok influencers on the platform, our team of TikTok experts have mastered the art of smooth transitions, engaging effects and unique editing styles to craft short form video content that feels native to the platform.

3 reasons why you should start TikTok now

TikTok is here to stay. As of January 2022, TikTok had 1 billion Monthly Actice users worldwide and it is unquestionably very addictive.

Other social media platforms like instagram and Facebook have all started as very ‘young’ platrorms, with little-viewed value for businesses. Howerver, these social platforms now serve millions of businesses and are  filled with multiple generations and are used as a marktying tool.

The same is to be expected with TikTok, as it’s already happening and increasing every second.

Not yet saturated with advertisers, low business competition

Has the scale of otherplatforms like Instagram

Reach a large number of people at relatively low cost

Our TikTok Service

As a premier full-service digital marketing agency, here’s our capabilities to help you achieve your goals

Campaign and Content Creation

• Research & Insights
• Competitors Analysis
• Account Audit
• Ideation
• Copywriting
• Storyboard
• Contests


• Video Production
• Motion Graphics
• Account Audit
• 2D Animation
• 3D Animation

KOLs and Media Buy

• Influencers engagement
• Influencers management
• Influencers selection

Don’t wait until your competitors outgunned you

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