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The challenges that B2B companies face are unique. Buyer journeys are becoming increasingly complex, new platforms and technologies are emerging and marketers are under pressure to get results as quickly as possible. Because of this, B2B requires extra creativity and a deep understanding of the digital marketing ecosystem. It isn't easy to do all of this alone.
We want to help. Our international digital marketing experts are ready to find the missing piece of the puzzle, the idea that creates that spark between you and your customers, the strategy that helps you achieve your objectives. From SEM and social media, to B2B influencers and production. YEA can provide support on a regional, national or global level to help you grow, connect, and build. Our team is your team.


B2B Marketing Strategy That Drives Growth

Nobody ever said growing your business was going to be easy, and nobody ever accomplished their goals alone. With the right business-to-business (B2B) digital marketing partner and strategy, you can gain the momentum you seek to reach new heights with your business.

YEA BUSINESS is a top-rated B2B digital marketing agency listed among the top 1 percent of B2B marketing service providers in Johor Bahru. Because when it comes to B2B marketing, it’s better to be YEA Business.

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Optimised for the B2B Buyer Journey

We have a deep understanding and first-hand experience of the B2B buyer journey for our technology clients. Often revolving around high value deals and long buying cycles, we build digital strategies that align with the reality of the buying process.

Are You Digital Yet?

  • B2B researchers are getting younger and more digitally savvy now.
  • Two third of research is conducted online prior to any contact.
  • Digital is the most effective way to reach business researches.

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Yea Business falls under the Technology Service Provider (TSP) category created by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) to support Small-to-Medium Enterprise (SMEs) digitalise.


In conjunction with Budget 2020, BSN has been appointed by the Ministry of Finance (MOF) to become the key mover in providing matching grants for SMEs to help improve digitally and move them more effectively and rapidly into the technology ‘bubble’.


The Government will provide a 50% matching grant or a maximum of RM 5,000 from the total invoice amount for each SME that is participating and are eligible. Each SME will be eligible to subscribe to three out of five digital services, and this grant will only be provided to the first 100,000 participants applying to upgrade their systems.

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