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Xiaohongshu, also known as Little Red Book, can assist your business in reaching and connecting with the Chinese market, particularly among female consumers, to increase your brand visibility. This is achieved through a combination of key opinion leader (KOL) partnerships, livestreaming, and user-generated content. Xiaohongshu is an ideal social media platform for various industries, including fashion and beauty, travel, and food, to achieve optimal social e-commerce sales. Our services include creating accounts, collaborating with KOLs, curating localized content, implementing paid advertising, and generating analytical reports. We aim to help you effectively engage with your target audience and attract new customers.

Xiaohongshu, also referred to as Little Red Book or RED, is a rapidly expanding community-based social commerce platform in China. It can be best described as a combination of Instagram and Pinterest, and is known for its ability to directly impact sales, making it a highly influential platform for brand marketing in China. Users of Xiaohongshu have the ability to create and share content, connect with other users and brand pages, offer suggestions, provide helpful advice and tips, research products, and access detailed reviews and tutorials created by others. Additionally, users can also make in-app purchases on the platform.

Who Uses Xiaohongshu?

With around 300 million active users, young consumers make most of its audience base. Moreover, with 90% of users being females and 46% under 24 years old, who mostly live in 1st and 2nd tier cities, Xiaohongshu users boast a higher purchasing power than other platforms’ users and are keen to buy buying foreign products.

What Makes Xiaohongshu A Must-Use Chinese Social MediaMarketing Platform?

Its exterme popularity among Gen-Z and the ever-growing active user base has made Xiaohongshu a must-use Chinese social media marketing platform for beauty, lifestyle, health, and fashion brands. The other factor that has made Little Red Book unavoidable is its ability to connect Chinese consumers with international brands by enabling users to buy overseas products directly through the app. 

Brand Exposure

Brand endorsement, increase popularity, and help brands or products explode in a short period of time


Acquaintance reputation, strong relationship, high trust, sharing and reciprocity

Xiaohongshu promotes hot money to attract traffic

Create explosive products, drive other products, and improve performance

How YEA Marketing Can Help You With Xiaohongshu Marketing?

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• Account Setup

• Content Creation

• Photography & Videography


Hashtag Creation

SEO Optimization for content

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