A Turnkey Solution For New Baking Shop Identity. 

Ten Fingers is a handmade baking house which tends to sell healthy handmade biscuits with fresh materials.

To launch this new handmade baking house, the brand needed an introduction to the JB market that would immediately differentiate it from competitors and raising awareness for business and brand. To do this, we focus on targeted audiences emotion instead of selling the services.


We delivered
Branding, Brand Strategy, Facebook Ads Campaign Strategy, Video Filming, Photo Shooting

The Challenges


Ten Fingers hadn’t launched their product when they got in touch with YEA Business for the first time. They were an ambitious team with a bold new offering and needed help to rapidly build brand awareness and drive sales online. All they needed was to be seen and recognized by their potential customers.

Target the Right Market

YEA started by developing brand materials and visuals to experiment the products & services offering with various segments of the market. Once the right segment of customers was clearly identified, we rapidly launch and grow Ten Fingers' social media channels such as Facebook & Instagram, by creating high-quality online presence & intro video.

A Healthy Gift to Your Loves One

When considering the branding, we though that the mooncake itself should be at the core of our approach and decided to use predominantly Chinese literary style to high-light the Chinese traditional food.

Besides, we created a brand story to increase the brand value and positioned the mooncake as a handmade healthier choice for your mooncake festival.

Instead of direct selling, we planned Ads Campaign strategically by telling our targeted audiences that why they need to buy from us.

Chinese Literary Design Connecting Consumers’ Emotion

We reflected the Unique Selling Points across the entirety of the brand by using elements of handmade and healthier choice, such as patterns and colourways, within Chinese literary style for the brand and online presence itself.

We started to craft ideas for video filming & photo shooting and create story board for our creative ideas in order to make sure our crews are well-prepared and smoothen the filming process.

Watch Video

Photo That Fit

All the images are bespoke, promoting specific aspects of the business. We often show a pair of hands which are making mooncake as they are the key branding value to the company – handmade mooncake.

But it’s the mooncake that really shine here. We’ve put them in the spotlight at every opportunity.

Keep An Eye On The Ads Campaign Result

Once the ads are up and running, we done a variety of A/B split testing on the several ad content, copy writing and Facebook targeting variations according to the consumer data analysis.

The Outcome

Ten Fingers had sold over 1,000 boxes of mooncake within 25 days. The end result was achieving MYR 2.3 cost per box sold.