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1. People share videos and other visual content 40 times more than any other content on social media.


2. At the end of 2018, the amount of people browsing online has increased to 4.1 billion. At least two-thirds of these Internet users have social media accounts.

3. A total of 85 percent of people on Facebook mute their videos while watching. For this reason, more people are using captions on their videos to make sure that their message gets across when people mute their videos. If a video is not interesting enough visually, then you are likely to lose the viewers who muted it.

4. The largest age group on social media includes all adults from 18 to 29 years old. A whopping 88 percent of them stay connected to social-media websites daily.

5. Facebook already has 2.27 billion users who engage with the website at least once a month.


6. Experts predict that a total of 2.77 billion people will be active in some form of social media in 2019.

7. By the end of 2018, Instagram has gained more than 1 billion active participants each month.


8. Every day, users upload and share more than 95 million photographs and videos on Instagram.

9. A study published by Forbes found that 90 percent of consumers feel that videos shared on social media help them decide whether or not to purchase a product. A total of 64 percent of people said they are more willing to buy something after they see a video about it. For these reasons, marketers everywhere are adding more video content to increase their sales.

10. Advertisers who use videos both on and off of social media platforms get 66 percent more qualified customer leads annually. Audiences find it easier to trust a brand when they see a video about it, and they enjoy the additional education offered through videos.

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