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Marketing misunderstandings - Why you must spend your money on marketing?


Having a creative team to help you to post posters every day? Is it brand marketing?

When new store opened, spent 100,000 dollars on advertising and discounts. Is it brand marketing?

Every holiday is revamped, and the marketing game is full of explosions. Is it brand marketing?

In this era of emphasizing brands as competitive, it is difficult to have a good future for marketing brands.

But it’s very likely that the brand marketing you do is just arrogant.

Today, it can be said that 90% of the people may have misunderstandings about brand marketing.



Misunderstanding: Brand Marketing = Doing Activities, Writing Copywriting

Positive solution: The brand needs to meet the needs of the stage

A restaurant owner once said: “It’s too difficult to recruit a real brand director! Most brand directors perform well, and they are good planners. There are other things that self-successful but they don’t make brands.”

“They are easily immersed in the professional field and ignore the company’s stage strategy and revenue indicators. If a Brand Director only output a copy of good copy writing and doing activities but not understand the company’s needs. The role is misplaced.”

The purpose of brand marketing must be based on the company’s strategy, using the brand as a way to ultimately help the company achieve profitable growth. The process of achieving the purpose of growth may be short or long, but the ultimate goal must be growth.

Brands should do things that meet the needs of the stage.



Misunderstanding: Marketing activities must be creative renovation

Positive solution: The brand is constantly repeating.

At various festivals, businesses always held a variety of creative marketing activities, especially Valentine’s Day. However, when everyone was publishing different creative event every year, Coca-cola repeated its “Keeping a Kiss” event year after year and this event was exhausted by many people. When the event repeating more than 3 times, most people remember Coca-cola 214 kiss festival. This is the power of repetition.

Of course, repetition does not mean that it is immutable, and the activity itself still has the need for self-evolution.




Misunderstanding: Trouble with a good name

Positive solution: Choosing a good channel is more important than name

A dog can become a famous dog on the “right” channel. This is the interpretation of the channel power is greater than the name itself.

The quality and content of the postings are also an important elements for Brand Building.



Misunderstanding: It is enough to have a “memory point”

Positive solution: Online Marketing can only attract new leads, repeat selling / loyal customer depends on corporate operation

Catering companies always consider two things: consider marketing when there is no business, consider brand promotion when there is a blunt, and emphasize customer experience more.

Many companies often express a single point in order to touch the “memory point” when expressing the brand, but this is not the whole picture of the brand.

For example, a chicken rice restaurant emphasizes on advertise the deliciousness, but not focus on other impactful elements such as decoration in the restaurant. In short, the customer not only taste the food but also feels the comprehensive feeling brought by the environment, the dishes and the services.

A Successful Branding = Strong Online Marketing + Good Offline Operation Strategy + Excellent Customer Service



Misunderstanding: Breaking away from store strength and discussing brand influence

Positive solution: The basis of the brand is business scale

 “The basis of the brand is the scale.” Without the scale, most of the brands are unrooted and rootless.

J.K. Matthaean believes that the essence of the brand is to reduce three costs: corporate marketing costs, customer selection costs, and social supervision costs. From this perspective, the greater number of stores you have, is undoubtedly to help companies reduce the cost of supervision, and thus also obtained a stronger brand.

Warby Parker is a US-based brand and online retailer for stylish, high-end prescription eyewear and sunglasses. They offer a quality product at a price that wildly undercuts the competition. Customers buy one pair of glasses and donate a second one to someone in need. This helped the company to have a unique selling proposition and increase its popularity.

 Warby Parker opened a flagship store in New York City, many people were shocked. No one expected the digital eyewear disruptor to expand their business to a bricks-and-mortar store. "We believe the future of retail is at the intersection of e-commerce and bricks-and-mortar," Neil Blumenthal, one of Warby Parker's founders said. 

So, the store is undoubtedly the best advertisement.

Of course, the rapid opening of the store can certainly grab market awareness, but the other side of the double-edged sword is still a test of the operating system.

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